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Just a human like others, coming from Martinique, living in Bordeaux (France).

"À vivre mes rêves, je gâche mes nuits" - WBB

"À vivre mes rêves, je gâche mes nuits" - WBB


Some of the most striking images to surface during the Zionist assault on, and siege of, Lebanon in 2006 were a set of photographs showing Israeli children writing messages on munitions that were to be dropped on civilian areas housing children like themselves. 

Karen Knorr at Danziger Gallery, on view until May 3, 2014.

Joe Iurato is an street and commercial artist based in New Jersey. He places miniature sculptures in public spaces and transforms his environment to small tales.

1000ème billet, assez en adéquation avec mon état d’esprit du moment.